About Oceanovate

Oceanovate is a platform to showcase and support the burgeoning ocean solutions/venture ecosystem including the innovative, impact-driven businesses and organisations working to accelerate the transition to a sustainable ocean economy and a thriving ocean.


The ocean is in peril. Climate change, pollution, overfishing, and habitat degradation present unprecedented threats to ocean health and productivity. Yet the threatened ocean is poised to provide groundbreaking solutions to this century’s most significant challenges: food and resources for a surging world population and a major mitigator of climate change. The ocean’s future is contingent on a transition away from the traditional narrative of pollution, degradation, and over-extraction, to one eclipsed by sustainable development and human-marine synergy.


The quest to realise a sustainable ocean economy and SDG14 is gaining momentum and is creating a wave of disruptive technologies, impactful startups, support organisations and innovative blue finance mechanisms. The solutions exist, but require investment and human capital for the scalability necessary to unleash their healing potential. By showcasing promising ocean sustainability solutions and expanding the exciting ocean impact scene, Oceanovate inspires and scales the answers to a sustainable blue economy and marine health.

Coral under ocean

Oceanovate’s capstone Sustainable Ocean Solutions Hub is a consolidated database and knowledge commons featuring hundreds of impact-driven startups, initiatives, and organisations on the cutting edge of ocean innovation. The Solutions Hub also provides topical articles, research, and reports integrated into an easy to visualise platform, providing an illustrative overview of vast disaggregated information.


Making connections is at the heart of Oceanovate’s vision, ocean sustainability solutions aren’t born in individual silos. The Solutions Hub reflects this and is structured to encourage lateral thinking and the cross-pollination of ideas and solutions.


Our colour scheme:

Our colour scheme is inspired by the colours of ocean conservation and climate action. Check out the Glowing Glowing Gone campaign here GLOWING.


Founder: Sarah Hopwood

Sarah is a passionate ocean sustainability advocate. She holds an MSc in Oceanography from the National Oceanography Centre, University of Southampton, UK and has a background in sustainable business consulting, marketing, and investment. Sarah believes in innovation, impact-driven business, and private investment as powerful forces for good and key to realising effective solutions for protecting and sustaining the health of the ocean.



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Photo credit: The Ocean Agency, Glowing Glowing Gone campaign. ”The colours of ocean and climate action”

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