New Release – The Ocean Finance Handbook

the ocean finance handbook


Investors of all kinds are increasingly expressing interest in financing the sustainable blue economy. Many innovative projects, technologies and impact-driven businesses are awaiting investment and development. A lack of understanding of the financial intricacies in the area, as well as a perception of high risk by interested investors have been recognised as key barriers to accessing this full potential. The recently launched Ocean Finance Handbook aims to address the issue and foster conversation between financial institutions, investors and those seeking investment.

The Handbook, released by the Friends of Ocean Action, aims to build and promote a common use of language for exploring the opportunities and challenges in the ocean finance space. It provides a common baseline of understanding of sustainable blue economy financing and an up to date overview of the many investment opportunities. It therefore serves as a key guide not only for those interested in investing in sustainable solutions for the ocean economy but for those looking to access financing as well.

For further insight and information on ocean finance and innovative solutions for a sustainable blue economy see our Sustainable Ocean Solutions Hub.

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