REV Ocean calls for proposals

REV vessel at sea


REV Ocean is opening its first call for proposals for innovation projects to be undertaken aboard its groundbreaking superyacht, REV Ocean vessel.

The company, a Norwegian not-for-profit, focuses on solutions to three of the most pressing challenges facing the ocean today-plastic pollution, climate change/acidification, overfishing and destructive fishing practices. The call for relevant proposals opens in April 2020. Successful proposals,  selected through a thorough and transparent international peer-reviewed process, have access to the vessel and its equipment for cruises in 2022.

The vessel, currently in development, is touted to be the world’s largest and most advanced research and expedition vessel. It will be equipped with state-of-the-art sampling, observation, mapping and communication equipment for conducting research that covers the entire marine ecosystem, from the coastal zone to abyssal depths, and from polar regions to the tropics. While it will be used for research, the vessel will also be made available for expeditions and charter.

Other projects in the pipeline at REV Ocean include the Ocean Data Platform. This collaborative platform aims to open up the bulk of ocean data and make it available in a user-friendly, standardized and interoperable format. This is essential to ensure sustainable use of the ocean going forward.

The company also plans to develop a World Ocean Headquarters to address the urgent need for collaborative action to restore ocean health and develop a sustainable blue economy. REV Ocean and Aker ASA are collaborating on the Headquarters where representatives from international organisations, governments, business, academia, as well as the investment, philanthropic and entrepreneurial community will be invited to sit.

Another initiative being pioneered by the company is Plastic REVolution. This foundation set up in Ghana, a country struggling under the burden of plastic pollution, will use a circular economy approach and pilot solutions in the country to solve the waste problem while creating jobs.

REV Ocean is a trailblazer, targeting high impact solutions for ocean healthSubscribe to keep up to date on all the latest developments at REV Ocean as well updates on other pioneering ocean impact seekers.

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