UNDP Launches Ocean Innovation Challenge

Ocean startup project


Ocean health is in the spotlight and as ocean consciousness gains momentum so too do the innovative solutions and technologies being developed with a positive impact on ocean health. To further accelerate this progress and help realise SDG 14, the United Nations Development program recently launched the Ocean Innovation Challenge. The challenge finances and mentors entrepreneurial and creative approaches to ocean restoration and protection that sustains livelihoods and advances the sustainable blue economy. 

A series of challenges will be issued each focused on a specific SDG 14 target. The first of these challenges focuses on reducing marine pollution. Preliminary proposals for this inaugural challenge are due by the 4th of March 2020.

For innovative solutions that are transferable, replicable and scalable, the Challenge will award grants from $50,000 to $250,000. The innovations can include technological as well as cutting edge policy, regulatory, financial, economic or other actions that address either sea-based or land-based sectors. Initial concepts can be submitted by public or private entities, including governments, private companies (including start-ups), NGO/CSO, United Nations entities, academic institutions, and intergovernmental organizations. 

This challenge joins a growing list of ocean prizes/challenges and accelerators aiming to catalyse ocean impact and accelerate progress towards achieving a sustainable blue economy. Check out our Oceanovate Ocean Business Brain for a comprehensive list.

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