2020- The Year of Ocean Action

Ocean wave tunnel


COVID-19 Update: These events were unfortunately cancelled or postponed as a result of the global pandemic. We will update you on future events when they are scheduled.

2020 is set to be a superyear for the ocean. Several key events and developments are on the agenda that will help to shape and define a sustainable blue economy going forward.

The Economists World Ocean Summit is on the 9th-10th March in Tokyo, Japan. The Summit will bring together a global group of policymakers, business and civil society leaders, investors, scientists and entrepreneurs to debate and develop new ideas on how to decouple economic growth from ocean degradation.

Following this, the UN Ocean Conference in Lisbon (2nd-6th of June) aims to start a new chapter of global ocean action and propel much needed science-based innovative solutions. It is a precursor to the UN Declared decade of ocean science (2021-2030). The aim of this proclaimed decade is to support efforts to reverse the cycle of decline in ocean health and gather ocean stakeholders worldwide behind a common framework that will ensure ocean science can fully support countries in creating improved conditions for sustainable development of the Ocean.  Check out their recently launched website.

The next key event is the Our Ocean conference in Palau (17-18th August). The conference will convene partners from across the globe to  identify solutions to manage marine resources, increase the ocean’s resilience to climate change and safeguard its health for generations to come.

To cap the year off COP26 is being held in Glasgow UK (9-20th November). This is the most important climate summit since the landmark Paris Agreement was agreed at COP21. It is here that governments are due to upgrade their Paris emission-cutting targets, and so go some way towards bridging the gap between pledges and delivery. The outcome of this has major implications for the ocean not only for its health but for its vital use in the quest to achieve a net zero greenhouse gas emissions target.

A key report will be released this year by the High Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean Economy, a World Resources Institute secretariat. Building on the latest research, analysis and debates from around the world, the solutions-oriented Report will demonstrate that sustainable Ocean management is key to achieving the 2030 Agenda and the SDGs.

Throughout 2020 the panel will continue to release a series of blue papers . These Blue Papers summarise the latest science, and state-of-the-art thinking about innovative ocean solutions in technology, policy, governance, and finance realms that can help to accelerate a move into a more sustainable and prosperous relationship with the ocean.

2020 will likely see the continued emergence of innovative blue financial mechanisms and an increasing flow of capital directed towards ocean impact solutions and bluetech. This will provide much needed support to the burgeoning ocean tech startup ecosystem.

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